I don’t like going to gyms so will you come to my house?

Absolutely! I will travel within a 10 mile radius of my gym here in San Mateo (see map below), I will bring all my fun exercise toys to your house.



How much do you charge for personal training?

Location/In-home TrainingManPushup2

$80 per hour

$60 per ½ hour

Most of my custom workouts are designed for 1/2 hour sessions thus allowing for a truly effective exercise program at reasonable cost.





What the heck is adaptive fitness?

WheelchairWomanMedAdaptive Fitness training is physical training customized around your physical challenges. It focuses on both optaining optimized functional fitness and alleviating the physical affects of your physical challenge.

What is my core and why is it so important?

plankJust like a strong foundation is important to build a house, your core is very important to your functional fitness. Your core consists of the muscles of the abdomen and the deep muscles of the spine, hips and back. These muscles provide the foundation for all human movement. A strong, efficient core is very important to maintaining functional fitness.

How often do I need to workout to obtain good results?

manshowing muscleClients looking for balance, core and stability training can obtain good results doing two 1/2 hour sessions per week though increasing to three times per week will increase the rate of your fitness improvement. Boomers looking to achieve top performance levels should do 2 -3 one hour sessions per week. And yes, there will be homework for you to do on your own. 

Can I safely exercise if I have osteoperosis?

happyhikerAbsolutely. I have specialized exercises that will safely develop strength, endurance and flexibility without incorporating dangerous twisting movements.

I’m going to have knee replacement surgery. Should I come to you before or after my surgery?

man massaging knee pain_2BOTH! Doing pre-habilitory (prehab) exercise prior to your knee replacement surgery will sigificantly improve your post surgical recovery. You will heal faster and be more functional during recovery and be more physically prepared for your physical therapy.

You will then be ready for your post-hab exercise. After you’re through with physical therapy your Physical Therapist can instruct me on exericses to continue your recovery.


I have access to a local warm water therapy pool. Do you provide water workouts?

AquaExerciseSmallYes. I have extensive experience working with clients in a warm water pool environment.


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