Functional Fitness

BandCoupleSmallFunctional fitness is your body’s ability to move, work and play efficiently in your environment. It directly affects your ability to perform activities of daily living such as climbing stairs and getting up from a chair.

What is functional fitness training?

This is physical training that focuses on teaching the muscles, joints and nervous system to efficiently work together using basic, real-life movement patterns. This type of exercise training incorporates balance, strength, endurance, and power in a logical, progressive program.


How is this different from traditional training?IsoMachine_small

Traditional training done in a gym environment evolved from the sport of body building which focuses on exercising specific muscles using weights and “isolation” resistance machines with a goal of building bigger muscles, not efficient bodies. In this type of training, the machine provides the stabilization for the exercise thus creating weak stabilizer muscles in your body. This can lead to muscle imbalances, postural distortions, injury and loss of functional capability.

Senior man. ExerciseFunctional training focuses more on multi-joint movement patterns in unstable environments just like you’d face in real life. This teaches the body to move efficiently and strengthens the core, providing the foundation necessary to safely and effectively improve balance, strength, endurance and power.



Just like a strong foundation is important to build a house, your core is very important to your functional fitness. Your core consists of the muscles of the abdomen and the deep muscles of the spine, hips and back. These muscles provide the foundation for all human movement. A strong, efficient core is very important to maintaining functional fitness.

My workouts always include exercises targeting the core with consideration for strength, endurance, range of motion and flexibility.


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