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Hyrdro5Shaving my face. I’ve done it over 15,000 times…so far. I started off with a brush and double edged “safety” razor, which was far from what I considered “safe”. I use to slash my face to bits. I’d end up with little bits of toilet paper dotting my face to soak up the blood. Of course I always had the option of using a styptic pencil, which worked beautifully to stop the hemorrhaging as well as raising my pain threshold, but left my face stinging for hours.

Mercifully, shaving left the stone-age when the disposable razors were invented. Though not very “ecological”, they certainly made for a more comfortable and less treacherous shaving experience. The blades were great for the first couple of shaves and then they became more like rasps.

Then came the multi-blade razors with the trac-2, then trac-3….soon trac 4 and now 5! These provided a quantum shift in shaving comfort. The days of styptic pencils and bits of TP pocking my face were way in the past. This new era of shaving comfort unfortunately came with a hefty price tag for replacement blades that still never seemed to last very long.

Then one day, much like any other day, I happen to come upon an ad for a blade that says it’s guaranteed to be the best shave that I have ever had. “Now that’s a bold statement” I remember thinking. So, I tried the Schick Hydro5 razor and I am now a true believer. Wow! It’s amazing. It just glides over my face and leaves it as smooth as a baby’s behind. The blades last me almost a month. I do not possess a heavy beard so others may not get the same longevity that I do. I also shave in the shower which contributes to a softer beard and easier shave. For me, the Hydro5 Razor is perfect.¬†

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