Senior Check-in Service

WomanWalkerMedDo you worry about a senior loved one who is living on their own? I know that it can be very expensive and invasive to provide them with a part-time care-provider. Many times these care providers require a minimum of 4 hours several times each week. I am now offering a Senior Check-in Service to provide a cost-effective alternative to the need for time-intensive care providers. I will come to your loved one’s home for 1/2 hour and:

1 – Make sure that they are responsive, aware, and not in a visible state of emergency.

2 – Make sure that they have taken their prescribed medication.

3 – Make sure that their refrigerator is free from spoiled food. 

4 – Make sure that their environment is safe, clean and comfortable.

5 – Engage them in friendly, caring conversation. 

6 – Provide a text message and/or email to you with a report of my visit. 

All for a cost of $50 per visit. How much is your peace of mind worth?

If you are interested and  live within 15 miles of San Mateo please give me a call at (650) 704-0377 or  fill out the form below. 

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