Senior Tech Support!

Bad newsDo you have hundreds of TV channels but cannot figure out how to use the half-dozen or so remotes needed to actually watch any of them?

Did your kids give you an Apple iPad for Christmas and it yet it remains no more than a very expensive calendar?

Is WiFi more of a question than a means to access the internet?

Has your computer slowed down to a virtual crawl?

Help is finally here!

I will come out to your house and set-up your TV, Computer or other digital device so that you can use as easily as possible. Studies have shown that the people who embrace changing technology actually live longer, AND HAPPIER! You have the worlds knowledge at your fingertips. I can show you how to access it with ease. I have extensive experience using both Mac’s and PC’s, iPads, iPhones and Droid cell phones. I will provide you with easy to read, step-by-step instructions to guide you through your electronic jungle. 

I can also show you how to slash the high cost of cable TV by utilizing the resources available on the internet to watch your favorite shows, when you want to watch them.

Give me a call at 650 704-0377 or contact me via email:

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