The Bemis Whisper-Close Toilet Seat

I know, I know…Why would I make a posting about a toilet seat? Well, the Bemis Whisper-Close Toilet Seat is definitely not just any old toilet seat. No, it doesn’t clean, rinse and warm-air dry your bum, (though that would be very cool too). It merely allows one to slowly and gently close the toilet seat and/or lid with a simple flick of your finger.

That’s all. But wow, how great is that? No more accidental slamming toilet lids in the middle of the night after a sleep-addled stroll to the John waking everybody within the house with a loud bang. I LOVE it! The only problem is that it quickly becomes a habit to flick the seat closed which can be quite embarrassing when you use a lesser toilet at someones house,which announces to the entire household, with a loud echoing bang, that you are probably drunk.


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