Tres Picos Garnacha (Grenache) 2011 – Costco $13

2011 Tres Picos GarnachaAh, the wonderful grenache grape. One of my favorites.To me, it’s a lot like the Pinot Noir grape. It has the same lighter color typical of Pinot and yet, like Pinot, can be a full-body wine. Expert blind tasters look for the characteristic “candied fruit roll-up” and cinnamon flavor in the Grenache grape. That does not sound the least appetizing to me, but in reality, it can be quite sublime. The dark-garnet 2011 Tres Picos Garnacha is an excellent wine from Spain. I think that it’s the raspberry and spice that make it so yummy. It’s nicely balanced with a wonderful finish. Either decant it or give it some time to breathe to allow it to balance out. The 2011 Tres Picos Garnacha is an excellent find, especially for $13.

14.5% Alcohol

Stephen Tanzer, the well-know U.S. wine critic gives it an “Outstanding” 91 out of 100. 

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